Passport of specialty 05.14.06 – technical thermophysics and industrial thermal power engineering

I. Formula of specialty

The branch of science and technology, which deals with theoretical and experimental research of mechanisms, laws of heat transfer, development of the theory and methods of research of problems of heat and mass transfer, processes of receiving, transformation, transfer and use of thermal energy of fuels and heat carriers of various types in power plants, heat and mass transfer technological processes and devices, development methods of their calculation, design and intensification.

II. Directions of research

Creation of new, improved existing methods of analysis, calculation and intensification of heat and mass transfer in single- and multiphase environments, in thermal and hydrodynamic processes in plants for the production and use of thermal energy, technological devices and apparatus.

Investigation of convective heat transfer and flow in single-phase media. Development of theoretical and experimental methods of calculating the processes of heat transfer with flows of liquid and gas in the elements of power machines and technological devices.

Investigation of heat exchange and flow during boiling, melting, crystallization and condensation. Analysis of the structure of two-phase flows in the pipes and channels of power and technological devices, improvement of methods for calculating heat and mass transfer processes in them. Development and research of mechanisms for the creation of exothermic processes in dispersed gas streams.

The development of the theory of drying, the study of drying processes, the development of methods for their calculation and intensification, increasing the efficiency of drying equipment.

Creation of new effective, improvement of existing heat engineering devices and installations, cooling systems and thermal protection of elements of industrial power plants, heat-and-exchange equipment.

Development of technological bases of automation of heat engineering processes and installations. Development of scientific bases and technologies of rational use of secondary energy resources in the systems of production and consumption of thermal energy, in industrial processes and aggregates.

Development and research of methods of combined production of thermal and electric energy.

Development and research of methods of transformation into low-potential heat operation, increase of its potential in heat-generating machines.

Experimental and theoretical studies of the thermophysical properties of working bodies of heat engineering devices.

Investigation of combustion processes, formation of harmful substances; development of methods of ecological safety at operation of power and heat engineering installations.

Research and creation of means of energy saving in industrial units and processes.

Investigation of gas purification processes of industrial thermal power plants.

Investigation of heating processes of materials taking into account thermal stresses, chemical and phase transformations.

III. Branches of sciences, of which the scientific degrees are awarded.

Technical sciencesPassport of specialty 05.14.06 – technical thermophysics and industrial thermal power engineering