Reconstruction of boilers TVH-8 and TVH-8M

Installation of a convective heating surface in the TVG-8M boiler
New generation hearth burner MPIH-3


Communal services. For the modernization of boilers in order to increase their efficiency and save natural gas.


Reconstruction consists in installing new burners with a capacity of 3 MW with a regulation factor of 5, NOX concentration ≤180 mg/Nm3; CO ≤100 mg/Nm3 at 3 % O2; as well as the convective part made of Ø32 mm pipe, the flue gas temperature at the out-let will be ≤120 °C.


The lowest payback period (1 year) among the alternative options for increasing the efficiency of natural gas use by 4-10 MW boilers, including in comparison with new domestic or imported boilers. It is possible to implement the development during the period of repair work. Increase in efficiency from 89-90 % to 94-96 %. Saving natural gas on one boiler TVH-8 is 172 thousand m3/year.

Development readiness level

Manufacturing, delivery, installation, commissioning and warranty service, as well as personnel training are carried out on request.

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