Siopor production technological line

Siopor - heat and sound insulating hydrosilicate material


Siopor is a heat and sound insulating material that is obtained as a result of low-temperature processing of geopolymer material, which is a product of the interaction of amorphous silica (tripoli, flask) and caustic soda. It is used in residential and industrial construction as a porous filler in the manufacture of thermal insulation blocks.


Production lines with a capacity of up to 10…15 m3/h, equipped with devices with a fluidized bed for preliminary drying of raw material granules, their swelling, cooling and classification of the finished product.



The productivity of the technological line is up to 10…15 m3/h of light non-combustible, biostable aggregate in the form of granules with a size of 1-10 mm with a bulk density of 120-40 kg/m3 using local raw materials containing amorphous silica. There is a mobile line option for on-site production of lightweight aggregates.

Development readiness level

On order, the development of the line and the manufacture of the apparatus, the supply of related equipment, installation, commissioning and warranty service, as well as personnel training are carried out.

Kyrylo Kostohryz, Gas Institute of NAS of Ukraine

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