Technology of conversion of diesel engines into gas and gas-diesel engines

The gas genset installed on oil platforms.
Fuel - associated petroleum gas
The compressor unit is designed to run on natural gas


Industrial enterprises that require the use of backup/own power sources. Industrial enterprises using drive power plants based on internal combustion engines. Agricultural facilities planning to utilize biogas. Landfills for landfill gas utilization.


Re-equipment of existing 50-1000 kW diesel engines for operation on combustible fuel gases. Possibility of re-equipment for operation both in the gas-diesel mode and in the gas-piston version.

When a diesel engine is converted into a gas-diesel engine, it remains possible to operate on diesel fuel. The replacement of diesel fuel with gas is up to 80%. This type of conversion can be carried out without dismantling the existing fuel equipment and reworking the cylinder block.

When converting to a gas piston engine, the diesel fuel apparatus is changed to a gas one and the compression ratio of the engine changes depending on the type of fuel gas. The converted engine runs exclusively on gas fuel.

Gas piston engine
Basic engine Doosan P086TI
Power mechanical, nominal, kW (reduced to the motor shaft) 120
Operating speed, rpm 1500
Idle speed, rpm 1000
Operating speed control range, rpm 1000 – 1600
Direction of rotation Clockwise from the radiator side
Fuel gas Natural gas has a methane content of at least 80%
Gas pressure at the inlet to the gas line of the engine, kgf/cm2 5 – 15
Gas heating Electric heater (400V, 50Hz), explosion-proof
Nominal gas fuel consumption (not more), nm/3/h (at QH = 8400 kcal/nm3) 42
Engine lubrication system Forced under pressure and spraying with automatic topping up
Specific consumption of engine oil for carbon black/kW×h 0,3 – 0,4
Volume of oil in the engine lubrication system, l 15,5
Engine cooling system Radiator, fan with flow towards the engine, electric preheating (400V, 50Hz)
Volume of coolant (antifreeze), l 55
Air intake system Air filter with replaceable cartridge and clogging sensor


A wide range of gases that can be used as fuel. Automation of engine production processes. Ability to remotely monitor and control a converted engine.

Development readiness level

The device is manufactured, supplied and serviced to order, as well as staff training.

Introduced at Ukrgasvydobuvannya facilities and in a number of private gas producing companies in Ukraine.

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