The team of the Department of gas technology takes part in the international grant program Innovate Ukraine

We are glad to announce that our team is taking part in the international grant program Innovate Ukraine.

Our project “Increasing the efficiency of a biogas power plant through integrated production of carbon dioxide, heat and electricity” won the international competition “Innovate Ukraine – support for the energy recovery of Ukraine”. The Gas Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine together with the British company TIWAKIKI consulting limited and the Ukrainian company “International Center of Gas Technologies” LLC will implement the project for two years.

ℹ️INNOVATE UKRAINE The Innovate Ukraine project is financed by the British company International Development in cooperation with the Embassy of Great Britain in Kyiv. As part of the cooperation, Great Britain will support 13 innovative green energy projects in Ukraine with a total investment of 16 million pounds aimed at innovation, which will contribute to the recovery and future stability of Ukrainian energy. The Ukraine Support Program was first announced at the 2023 Ukraine Recovery Conference in London, involves collaboration between over 50 UK and Ukrainian organizations and will attract an additional £5 million from the private sector.

ℹ️CHEPro Our project was named “CHEPro: Increasing the efficiency of landfill power station by integrated CO2, Heat and Electricity Production” and is aimed at overcoming the consequences of Russia’s attacks on the energy sector of Ukraine by increasing the volume of electricity production at biogas power stations of solid household waste landfills through the removal of carbon dioxide using the original amine absorbent and due to utilization of engine heat, which minimizes energy costs. As a result, the volume of electricity produced in the power grid will be increased, and additional commercial products will be created: heat and carbon dioxide, which are planned to be used in the greenhouse economy.

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Due to vin at the Innovate Ukraine competition, funded by UK International Development and hosted by British Embassy Kyiv, Increasing the efficiency of landfill power station by integrated CO2, Heat and Electricity Production (#10097840) project was launched on April 1, 2024.

This project will be implemented with the collaboration of

    • Tiwakiki Consulting (UK), which has vast experience in renewable energy projects particularly the production and exploitation of biogas,
    • Gas Institute of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine, which has an excellent track record in landfill gas collection and its application for electricity production to the national power grid,
    • SME International Center of Gas Technologies who is a landfill’s power plant owner.

    The main direction of the project is to strengthen Ukraine’s energy sector after Russia’s attacks. Over 90% of energy users, including critical infrastructure such as hospitals, electric public transport, and city water supply stations, have experienced electricity supply cut-offs. An equally important aspect is reducing greenhouse gas emissions by CO2 extraction and the use of it as commercial products and power plant waste heat utilization.

    We have developed the technology of CO2 extraction from biogas (landfill gas) by traditional amines solution absorption but with original composition and advanced parameters, allows to decrease energy consumption by two times. Another innovation is the original idea to produce from landfill gas three products – additional electricity, heat and commercial carbon dioxide simultaneously.

    International collaboration of these partners will allow the building of effective management and implementation of the technology which in turn will allow people in the Kamyanets-Podilskiy region to overcome the consequences of military events in the energy sector. ICGT Company has a working power station (490 kW installed) at Kamyanets-Podilsky town landfill since 2018, all permissions for facilities construction and exploitation, so we can start the project now. We plan to install a CO2 separator unit on the existing gas supplying pipe. Thus, we shall raise the methane concentration before the engine and increase power production efficiency by 10% (it will allow us to produce an additional 30 kW). We will be using the original technology tested on a laboratory installation at the Gas Institute to CO2 extraction. Furthermore, we plan to equip the generator-engine with a heat output (co-generation) system. The produced heat (about 300 kW) will be used for the CO2 extraction process and for greenhouse purposes. In case of a successful pilot project, we are supposed to spread the experience for other Ukrainian biogas power stations to produce additional electricity and to increase grid system resilience, and export technology to other countries using TIWAKIKI worldwide experience.

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